Rehearsal for a Live Action Reenactment of an Episode of Tom & Jerry
(Theatre, 2020)

A live performance of a rigorously recreated episode of Tom & Jerry with mixed-gender casting explores the invisible boundaries that seem only to appear once crossed. Even when consensual acts of violence are negotiated, fear still infiltrates: the woman apologizes to the man, “I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable when your joke scared me.”

Inspector Margaret (Television pilot, 2019)

An animated half-hour comedy about a select group of middle schoolers who are thrust into a world of responsibility as they train to become Health Inspectors but are still too shy to ask each other to the school dance.

I Will Be Your Feet When You Need Them (Theatre, 2019)

When a speck of dust collides with a rocket scientist at a wedding between a woman and the Eiffel Tower, everyone’s sense of being is called into question. An exploration of the feminine experience of hope.

Recipient of the Kennedy Center Paula Vogel Playwriting Award

Cheetos Luv Keplar (Feature, 2018)

Set in 1950, a cowardly and partially disabled dog-man must join his estranged family’s mafia outfit in order to provide money for his cat-woman fiancé whose pregnancy interrupts her budding dance career, but challenges to his masculinity begin to disrupt his happy home life.