HARVEY: a family film (2022)


Harvey is a down-on-his-luck cleaning supply salesman sick of ham sandwiches. When he stumbles upon a bedridden woman and her enchanting Diamond, the opportunity is too tempting to pass up--but little does he realize that someone else already has eyes for the treasure, and will do anything to claim what's hers...

Wood Pile (2021)


A pile of wood!

Wood Party (2021)


A party for wood!

Smile practice (2019-ongoing)


An ongoing series of ten-minute videos wherein I silently “practice” smiling. A commentary on the mixed economies of pleasure and content.

The L Train (2018)


A half-hour live-action comedy pilot about a stability-obsessed accountant and an uninhibited experimental sound artist whose student visa is about to expire. When they share a crazy night of boozing and boundary-pushing, they embark on a green card marriage to keep the party going forever.

Rocklin (2016)


Rumination on skateboarding, cul-de-sacs, and childhood memories. All cus mom won't let me borrow the sedan.