(1996, Los Angeles, CA) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.



2020 MFA, New York University – Tisch Department of Dramatic Writing

2018 BFA, New York University – Tisch Film & TV


2022 Plugged into Some Rhythm of Unknown Origin, video, 3 min, graphite, charcoal animation

2021 What Can I Get Started for You?, video, 6 min, digital animation

2021 Harvey Family Film, video, 5 min, live action

2021 Cookie Fortune, video, 1.5 min, digital animation

2019 Smile Practice, video, 130 min, webcam live action

2019 We Could Throw a Rock, video, 1.5 min, graphite animation

2018 Inspector Margaret, video, 6 min, digital animation

2018 The L Train, video, 19 min, live action

2017 Cheetos Luv Keplar, video, 2.5 min, graphite animation                                          


2021 Nominated for Best Animation at Berlin Filmhaus Festival

2020 NYU DDW’s Special Award Across Media

2020 Kennedy Center’s Paula Vogel Playwriting Award

2020 Runner Up for Goldberg Playwriting Prize

2019 Ray Dalio Scholarship

2018 Faculty Commendations for Outstanding Animation & Original Score from First Run Film Festival


2019 Sarah Lawrence’s Lumina

2019 Elsewhere x Landscape

2018 First Run Festival


2021 3Views on Theatre