Plugged into some rhythm of unknown origin (2022)


The winter is cold and the twins are stagnant, so when some strange new rhythm shakes up their routine they must grow or die.

*EPILEPSY WARNING at 1:24-1:26.

The Audition (2022)


What happens when two people use the same obscure song for their choir audition? Heads will roll!


What Can I Get Started For You? (2021)


Teasers for podcast about coworkers at a coffee shop. Nominated for Best Animation at Berlin Filmhaus Festival

we could throw a rock (2018)


The twins are bored, so they come up with a violent plan to have a little fun this summer.

New York premiere at Landscape x Elsewhere.
Published in Sarah Lawrence’s art journal Lumina.

Inspector Margaret (2018)


Two young health inspectors-in-training compete for the title of "prom queen" at their health inspecting academy by arresting villains acting in violation of the health code.

Awarded Faculty Commendations for Outstanding Animation & Original Score from First Run Film Festival.

Cheetos Luv Keplar (2016)


A cat-woman is pushed to murder when her lecherous dog-man boss goes too far.